The Initiative

Many employers have realised that family-friendly personnel policies give them a decisive competitive advantage when getting and keeping good staff.

The Initiative for Family-Friendly Personnel Policies has led in addressing this increasingly important issue since 2003. The Initiative supports enterprises and the public sector in their implementing of family-friendly personnel policies. It makes examples of local employers' Good Practice visible and stimulates contacts and information exchange with various service providers in order to promote family-friendly measures.

The Initiative for Family-Friendly Personnel Policies wants to present new ways of establishing a family-friendly environment in enterprises and institutions of all sizes. Its aim is to demonstrate the benefits of these measures both for employers and their staff.

Family-friendly personnel policies promote:

  • Employer attractiveness,
  • Efficiency of labour,
  • Reducing employee absences,
  • Reducing staff turnover,
  • Employee willingness to return to work after a parental leave,
  • Good working atmosphere.

Employees who experience family-friendly personnel policies

Recognize it as an act of appreciation from their employer
Identify more strongly with their employer and its interests

The Initiative is coordinated by:

  • The Employment Agency in Nuremberg
  • The City of Nuremberg Alliance for the Family
  • The Central Franconia Chamber of Crafts
  • The Central Franconia Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Nuremberg

The initiative offers:


The Initiative organizes symposia and workshops for enterprises to exchange experiences and working materials. The invitation to attend is directed at executives as well as at personnel managers and employee representatives.

Working groups

Working groups work on current issues more intensively and develop joint projects. The important issues are for instance:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Child care
  • Holiday care
  • Parental leave
  • Advancement of women
  • Activities for fathers
  • Care of the Elderly
  • Immigrant-friendly measures
  • Older employees
  • Health at work
  • Nursing jobs

Website and newsletter

The website and the newsletter offer helpful information (e.g. "Self-assessment on family-friendliness"), practical examples, event calendars and links to the partners.

»The european metropolitan region of nuremberg is on its way to becoming the most family-friendly economic region«

For more than two years The Initiative for Family-Friendly Personnel Policies has been an active part of the above-mentioned project. This project has created many valuable initiatives in the Region. (


The Employment Agency

»Many women still become unemployed after taking maternity leave. However, family-oriented organisations support women re-entering the labour market and appreciate the importance of parenting for increasing an individual's social competencies. In this way such organisations can keep their motivated and committed employees. Thanks to their family-friendly personnel policies these employers can get into the fast lane when they are looking for professional staff.«

The Alliance for the Family

»Since 2001 a good family and work balance has been one of our most important goals! A large number of social institutions have been active within the Alliance for the Family in order to improve the living conditions of parents and their children in Nuremberg. Through its work The Initiative for Family-Friendly Personnel Policies has become a successful network that attracts (...) the entire region.«

The Chamber of Crafts

»A better balance between family and work life is one of our important goals for the future. It is not only that family-friendly measures create an added value in social context, but organisations benefit from them as well. The Middle Franconia Chamber of Crafts provides its members with adequate consulting services in order to help them to secure competitive advantages, especially in resolving skills shortages.«

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry

»The Initiative makes it possible for the CCI to help its small and midsize enterprises to help themselves in order to remain an attractive employer, especially in facing the demographic challenge. A wide range of possibilities as well as an up-to-date practical professional knowledge provides employees with work environments that meet the needs of their individual life situations.«

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